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Trevor Noah: Donald Trump’s Mask Removal Stunt A ‘Biological Attack On The White House’

“The Daily Show” described the president’s stunt on Monday night ― in front of the cameras ― as “a biological attack on the White House.”

“Goddamn. The dude ripped his mask off the second he got home,” noted Noah. “And I know Trump thinks this is a triumphant moment. But he’s presumably still riddled with COVID and he’s about to walk indoors and expose it to everyone inside?”

“Yo, this wasn’t a photo op,” Noah continued. “It was a biological attack on the White House.”

“I honestly can’t believe this. This is Trump putting his own staff at risk,” the comedian added. “You would think he would be a lot more careful about protecting his own staff. This is coronavirus, not a prison sentence, you can’t just pardon them afterwards.”

Check out Noah’s monologue here:

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