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Seth Meyers: Reporter's Question Sums Up The State Of Trump's Presidency

Well, here’s a question nobody would’ve put on their election season bingo card before 2020.

Last week, President Donald Trump announced he had tested positive for the coronavirus. Since then, at least 24 other people close to him have also contracted COVID-19. As Trump departed from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday, Yahoo’s White House correspondent Hunter Walker’s asked: “Do you think you might be a superspreader, Mr. President?”

“Imagine if a year ago someone told you the president would be asked, ‘Do you think you may be a superspreader?’” “Late Night” host Seth Meyers said on Tuesday. “The only reaction is: ‘What the [bleep] happened?’”

This is probably not the sort of question you want to receive just 28 days before an election.

“Usually at the point in the calendar, reporters are asking the president questions about the election. In Trump’s case, they’re asking him if he’s Typhoid Larry,” Meyers added. ”‘Mr. President, if you win a second term, is there anyone else you’d like to personally infect?’”

Watch the roast on “Late Night” below:

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