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Keith Olbermann Goes To Town On ‘Creature’ Donald Trump In Return To Punditry

Keith Olbermann demanded that Donald Trump’s “reign of terror over us must end” on his return to political commentary on Wednesday.

The ex-MSNBC and ESPN journalist wasted no time in lacing into Trump’s appalling handling of the coronavirus pandemic in the first episode of his new video series about the president and the 2020 election, titled “The Worst Person In The World.”

Olbermann described the president (who himself tested positive for COVID-19 last week after routinely downplaying the contagion) as “a mass murderer,” a “creature” and “the worst terrorist this country has ever faced” in the debut of the show that he’ll release on YouTube daily at 5 p.m. E.T.

“Earth is now ruled by a virus and America is now ruled by a madman,” Olbermann continued in the 15-minute broadcast reminiscent of his scathing monologues for GQ’s “The Resistance” show that he hosted until 2017.  

Check out the video here:

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